A Little Bit of History

Frank with The Spinners at Orpington

I’ve had my arm twisted recently to write my own story of how I have travelled through the  many mansions of the music business eventually managing to find myself, quite without any real intent, where I am now.  Starting on stage from the age of 3, it’s taken me over 70 years to stumble through the thickets (and there are a few Thickees in the thickets, believe me).  All the reality I have wiped off my shoes has failed to dampen my belief that one day I could be an overnight success even if I have never had much of a clue where I was going.  It’s very satisfying that this blindfolded bumping through the forest has put me in the same clearings as many interesting people.

So, I’ve written this little set of tasters but at the same time I’ve written the Big Book which is the full story and is, even now, being edited.  You never know, someone might publish it!


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